Precise writing with an eye toward marketability.

Offering Content and Line Editing, Proofreading, and Author Coaching.


About Our Editors

Jason Letts

Since graduating with an MA in English and spending several years teaching composition at the collegiate level, Jason has been at the vanguard of the indie publishing movement with his books, editing work, and advertising platform, BookSends, which has helped countless authors turn writing into a career. His editing credits include Amanda Hocking’s New York Times Bestselling Trylle Series, which have sold millions of copies, as well as David Dalglish’s bestselling The Weight of Blood. Jason’s own books have sold over a quarter million copies, and he looks forward to this opportunity to share his marketing and writing expertise with authors at the pre-publishing stage.

Malorie Seeley-Sherwood

Malorie holds an MA in English and an MAT in Adolescent Education from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She has taught writing and grammar at a variety of educational levels over the past thirteen years, ranging from middle and high school to college. She also works as a tutor and editor. Her own writing has appeared in Shawangunk Review, Entropy, and AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought.

Services & Prices

Two-page sample edits available to new clients free of charge. Editing work is billed at 50% upfront and 50% after completion.

All-Inclusive Content & Line Editing: $0.011 per word.

The works. In addition to thoroughly scrutinizing the writing, this option allows for a detailed analysis of the story, including plot, dialogue, tone, structure, coherence, characterization, etc.

Line Editing: $0.0095

A straightforward investigation into the written construction of your story, providing corrections and feedback on grammar, sentence structure, diction, style, progression, as well as typos and smaller errors.

Proofreading: $0.005

This encompasses a close reading of the work in order to resolve any outstanding typographical errors or glaring grammatical errors that remain immediately prior to publication.

Author Coaching: Inquire for Pricing

Beyond improving any one particular text, we can provide authors with a clear-eyed assessment of what needs to be improved in their author platforms and develop a roadmap to reaching authors’ goals. This is about building a relationship with on-going communication and sharing the often isolating journey of being an author on the way to success.



“Imbue Editing was fast, fairly priced, and thorough. I will definitely be using them again.”

—Bestselling historical romance author, Suzanne G. Rogers

“Jason Letts of Imbue Editing is more than an editor. He’s a teammate and active participant in making your words glitter like diamonds. Timely, communicative, and encouraging, Jason is a consummate professional. I hope to work with him on every book I write!”

—Tammy Salyer, SF/F author